August 2006

Jumping Beans in McAlester


Oklahoma Outdoor Expo in Guthrie


Bullnanza in OKC with the Roper men

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Noah's First Day of School


McAlester Prison Rodeo

Man was it HOT at the rodeo!!!!!!  We just about baked right there in the stadium.  It reached 104 degrees that day in McAlester and the 'bleachers' are just concrete slabs stacked on bricks.  The seats were hot to the touch and were very uncomfortable even through the five hour night.  Did I mention it was HOT?

It was a little odd being inside the prison walls and see the prisoners behind their cages and watching the rodeo.  Noah did very well even though the event was so long.  He even had his first ever funnel cake at about 9:30pm that night. 

I can't wait to take Noah next year.  We are going to take the video camera this time.  The 'cowboy poker' was awesome as was 'money the hard way' when the male and female prisoners tried to grab $100 off a bull's horns.