May 2006

Memorial Day Weekend in Tulsa and McAlester

Backyard fishing pictures - check out the size of those two channel cats! 
Both were caught on our trotline using earthworms (the snapping turtles
tend to eat all the small perch we use for bait).

Click the picture below for a short movie of us pulling up the trotline to find two Bullhead catfish on it


This was the third year that Noah and I made a men's pilgrimage
to visit family and go fishing in Ardmore, OK.  The fish pictures below were all taken
at Jim and Connie Woodson's farm.

This is the view from atop one of the 'median mountains' on I-35 south of Turner Falls and just north of Ardmore.

This is Noah doing an impression of his dad!

A day at the soccer fields


Backyard Animal Pictures

LARGE snapping turtle.  This guy already had a hook in him when I snagged him with mine.
View the large version of the picture and you'll see what I mean.

This is a Mississippi Kite which feeds on insects and especially cicadas.  We have alot of these in our backyard.

Busy beaver - these guys are SO hard to photograph.

Common Watersnake - non-poisonous