November 2006

Noah and Dad's excellent adventure (a guy's-only, overnight trip to Ardmore)

Panorama Shot from Buzzard's Roost at Lake Murray (click for larger view).  Notice the consecutive lines of clouds overhead.  We could count them as far as we could see to the east and to the west.  It was REALLY cool.


Flying Squirrel


Settling in for the evening...It's always safer to share a hotel room with Batman.  I don't think he's ever actually seen any episode of Batman.  I guess it's just a cool name when you're five years old.


The main reason for our trip was a barrel-racing event sponsored by one of my cousins.  It was fun and Noah certainly enjoyed his trip around the barrels.


Lake Murray is really a beautiful lake and state park (the first in the state, actually).  It's fun to go back and play around on my old stomping grounds.  Looking back, I'm surprised I didn't spend more time there since I grew up so close to it.  Below, you'll see Tucker Tower (GREAT views from the top), a coyote we spied in the woods, some views from 'Buzzard's Roost', and a pretty view on the scenic road that surrounds the state park.


Why cemetery pictures?  Good question, I'm not really sure.  I haven't been by this cemetery in a LONG time but I remember it well from my childhood.  I wish now that I could be honest and say differently, however I really did not like it when my mom, great-grandmother, and great great-aunt, would drag me and my cousin Tommy out to mow our family gravesite.  The smell of OFF! bug spray still reminds me of our summer outings to the cemetery.  It was ALWAYS HOT and always itchy.  Yet, all the old ladies in my life were serious troopers and worked more than I ever did.  We mowed, ran the weedeater, and put out new flower arrangements.  I learned a lot from that and wouldn't hesitate to do it now if required.  I think the old McAlister cemetery pictured here takes care of the gravesites now.  This is an old cemetery and some of the tombstones are just rocks.  I believe it is actually located in Overbrook, OK in what was once or is currently known as the Criner Hills.


Entrance to the McAlister Cemetery

My Great Great Aunt Emma. She was a bit flamboyant to say the least and you could never quite tell what embarrassing thing might come out of her mouth.
My great great great grandpa

Carl died when he was four years old from Scarlet Fever.  He was my great great uncle.
My great great great grandma

The Rudd family plot
Unknown old tombstones in the cemetery











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